Your brand is powerful. Use it for good.

Today, businesses can be a force for positive change with the opportunity to leverage their economic and social might to help solve some of today’s most critical issues. And in doing so, they build a deeper relationship with their employees and customers, building fiercely loyal communities.

Gone are the days of empty sales pitches. Today’s consumer is looking for authentic organizations they can believe in. They want to know what the brand’s values are, how they’re acting on them, and most importantly, how the brand can involve them in a way that helps them achieve who they want to be.
That’s where we come in. We partner with businesses and nonprofits to build their brands and drive change through values-based strategies and creative consumer engagement platforms. Brand marketing, meet environmental advocacy.

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Our environmental challenges are big. And getting bigger. Climate change is impacting every aspect of our lives, and our public lands, fresh water and clean air are under immense pressure. Our mission is to help our partners solve some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.
 James Q Martin

Nonprofits 2.0

Nonprofits are consumer brands too. And the marketing challenge is the same: connecting with your consumers in new ways that gives them ownership and drives them to act. Forward-thinking nonprofits that see themselves through this brand marketing lens are the ones that are redefining advocacy campaigns, accelerating their reach and connecting with advocates and donors in new, powerful and enduring ways.

Let us help you develop an advocacy platform that truly engages with, and moblizes your “consumers.”

Our Unfair Advantage:

We've Been There.

We believe that authentic consumer engagement around key social and environmental issues is more important than ever. Great marketing creates social movements, led by the most forward-thinking brands and nonprofits.

This is an opportunity to drive positive change and long-term brand equity. But there are no do-overs. It’s imperative to get it right the first time.
We’ve led environmental nonprofits and have developed award-winning marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. We understand the environmental landscape, the complexities of social movements and what “making an impact” truly means. We know that a powerful creative idea can create a movement.
We’ve been there and have a valuable perspective to share.

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Chris Steinkamp


Chris was the Executive Director of Protect Our Winters for ten years, building the organization from a great idea to one of the most influential nonprofits in the climate space. Chris also has over twelve years of advertising agency experience creating Effie award-winning campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands. With that, he has a keen understanding of what it takes to effectively build and mobilize communities to address critical issues, and power of the creative idea to bring it to life.

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Ashley Lovell, PhD


Ashley has been working in sustainability, marketing, communications and environmental justice for over ten years. She has experience in the nonprofit, academic, government and business sectors; specializing in building strategic partnerships and integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into the environmental movement. Ashley holds her Masters in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and PhD in Environmental Sociology from Colorado State University.

Creative Partners

We work with a super team of creative talent – a group dedicated to using their craft to spark positive change and who know how marketing and powerful storytelling can be a force for good. Consider us the centerpoint of your brand marketing, sustainability and advocacy teams, providing a unique skillset to define your approach to an issue and develop the creative platform to engage your consumers in this journey with you in the most genuine and powerful way possible.

The Team

James Q Martin

Filmmaker | Photographer

Flagstaff, Arizona-based photographer and filmmaker James ‘Q’ Martin was born in the Arizona desert and raised in the remote reaches of Alaska. In 1997, with a film camera in one hand and a climbing rope in the other, Q left for Central America to explore the language and culture. It was there he discovered his desire to actively pursue media and storytelling.


Meteorite PR

Public Relations Agency

A small-batch, outdoor-focused PR agency. Gear, Athletes, and Lifestyle.


Wonder Giant

Web Development

Wonder Giant is a creative development group lead by Danny Davis. The business model is set up in a way that you are working with only the people you need. Instead of having a large staff looking for billable hours, we work with the right people for exactly what your project needs. Like a multi-tool for the web; We have built interactive maps, touch screen experiences, community websites, and lots of individual brand websites.


Laura Kottlowski Design

Creative Direction | Graphic Design

Laura is a freelance creative director with a deep passion for helping build, grow and redefine brands. She has a seasoned mixture of award-winning solo, agency, and multi-brand in-house work experience. By trade, she is a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and motion designer. Having a strong background in these areas allow her to see the vast array of creative possibilities for building strong brands. As part of Laura’s work, she strives to live life to the fullest, and strongly believes in the importance of community involvement, inspiring others, giving back and protecting our planet.

Will Strathmann
Will Strathmann

Will Strathmann

Photography | Videography

Will Strathmann is a freelance Director, cinematographer, photographer, fully licensed commercial drone operator, underwater cinematographer, and video editor currently based in Denver, Colorado. With a passion for creating dramatic visuals and an eye for perfection, he seeks out hard to get shots and compelling stories. His film work includes the award winning films, A Grand Pursuit and Until 20, as well as professional work as freelance camera operator, editor, and associate producer on numerous commercial, corporate, and medical shorts. Will has shot and edited work for companies such as The New York Times, PBS, and The Weather Channel among many others.


"Merrell and Baselayer partnered closely together for almost two years. Working with Baselayer felt like a natural extension of our team versus working with a typical agency partner. Chris’ passion for our brand and the work we were trying to accomplish showed up every day and we truly enjoyed working with him. Chris’ background knowledge did a lot of the heavy lifting for us. His follow up and communication was outstanding and we look forward to partnering with Chris and his team again!"
- Manager, Social Responsibility, Merrell

 Travis Rummel

Some Recent Work

Brand Video (Western Resource Advocates)

A short piece about the talented people and their work at Western Resource Advocates, a group of some of the smartest and most dedicated environmentalists we’ve ever met. For many in the organization, protecting the West is their life’s work. This is glimpse of just a few of the people behind that work and their unique and incredibly successful approach to it.

Watch The Video

Climate United (Snowsports Industries America)

Climate United is SIA’s platform to engage the winter outdoor industry around meaningful climate action.

Visit The Page

Merrell Presents: Bringing It Home

“Bringing It Home” follows Tyrhee Moore, mountaineer, outdoor education advocate, and founder of Soul Trak, as he tells the story of his connection to the outdoors that was fostered at a young age. Born and raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in South East Washington, D.C., Moore still resides in the area today and passionately dedicates his time to inspire and educate urban youth about the power and accessibility of the outdoors. Directors: Scott Briscoe and James ‘Q’ Martin.

Watch The Video

Protect The West (Western Resource Advocates)

For Boulder-based nonprofit Western Resource Advocates, we created the Protect The West campaign to harness the influence of the outdoor industry’s most respected brands to take on the environmental issues that impact the future of the West.

Watch The Video

Merrell Presents: Mi Mamá

Our work with Merrell has been focused on helping them normalize the conversation and celebrate diversity in the outdoors. Mi Mamá is the first of five “origin stories,” stories about powerful individuals and their unique journeys towards a love of the outdoors. Produced by James Q Martin. Directed by Jade Begay, produced by Jayme Dittmar.

Watch The Video

#KeepParis/Dear Mr. President (Protect Our Winters)

This campaign was directed to the new administration, urging them to keep the US in the Paris Climate Agreement. The integrated campaign included co-branded beer with a call to action placed on the label, on-premise events, thousands of sign-on letters and a video created by filmmaker James Q Martin, distributed by professional athletes and corporate partners. We also invited the POW community to message President Trump via Twitter, for one day with the #KeepParis tag. In 24 hours, we reached over ten million people on social media.

Watch The Video

Momenta (Protect Our Winters)

With six massive coal export terminals proposed in the Pacific Northwest, it was imperative that we create broad awareness, while giving the local grassroots organizations a tool to help them mobilize their communities. Narrated by professional climber Conrad Anker, we produced Momenta. To date, five of the six terminals have been cancelled.

Watch Video

United By Winter (Snowsports Industries America)

Developed new branding for Snowsports Industries America, including a new brand tagline, identity & logo, website, digital assets and trade show design.

Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows

Hot Planet/Cool Athletes (Protect Our Winters)

How can we prepare young students to be the next generation of environmental leaders? Developed in partnership with The North Face, this in-school assembly program provides professional athletes with a multi-media platform to educate and inspire young students to understand the causes, impacts and achievable solutions to climate change.


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